Review: “ZeroMQ” by Pieter Hintjens; O'Reilly Media
Pieter Hintjens, one of pioneers of the distributed computing and author of ZeroMQ library explains the basic premise behind ZeroMQ design and community. He covers fundamentals of designing large distributed applications using ZeroMQ library.

First and foremost, the book is meant for intermediate to advanced programmers. You need to be aware of the networking concepts. All examples are in C, so you should have good enough grounding in the language. Once you are past these, understanding the concepts in the book is fairly easy.

First part of the book is about Learning to work with ZeroMQ. This section covers all the patterns – Request-Reply, Dealer-Router, Pub-Sub, Proxy, Load Balancing and their combination and usage with each other. The example scenarios detail the scenario’s where these patterns fit in. This section also covers how to build reliability and availability as part of the distributed application.

Second part of the book is about Software Engineering with ZeroMQ. This section covers the basic philosophy behind the ZeroMQ community, advanced architecture using ZeroMQ. The advanced architecture covers things like Contract definition, Protocols, Security, State machines and Data serialization. The author takes a sample application FileMQ – ability to exchange files between two devices la Dropbox and works through the design of the API and Protocol. We also see how to simulate real life scenario’s to test the application.

Overall, ZeroMQ is a must have book on your shelf if you are building or ready to build distributed applications.

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