The advent of the Consumer Business application like Facebook, Twitter has changed the definition of Application Scalability. Decade back 10 million+ was a large user base, Facebook will touch 1Billion+ users by end of this year. There are hordes of applications in 100+ million user range. The techniques and approaches employed by these large Consumer Business Applications are different from the traditional enterprise application design and architecture techniques.

If we study the architectures principles employed by these large Consumer Business Applications, then we can conclude to the following
  • All the large consumer business applications are build and make use of Cloud Computing
  • Applications are build using a combination of open source products and platforms
  • Create solutions where the current set of solution do not meet requirement or scale up (e.g. HipHop, Hadoop, ChaosMonkey etc)
  • Constant knowledge sharing within the community (FB/Twitter/Google open sources lot of their internal products)