Cloud Connect 2012, Bangalore

  1. Cloud Connect is a global Cloud Computing event that has come to Bangalore, India this year.   The event is organized by UBM, a reputed media organization that publishes Information week magazine.   Other popular events organized by UBM includes Interop.   Bringing Cloud Connect to India, shows the importance of India as a Cloud market. Event happened this week 5/24 to 5/25 at Nimhans Convention Centre.
  2. IBM is a platinum sponsor and the event started with key note by Vamsi from IBM.   
  3. IBMcloud
    IBM's Vamsicharan Mudiam will keynote@cloudconnect_in on May 24 in Bengaluru, #India. View his profile: #CloudConnect
  4. IBM's session had several quotes form their recent C-Study report.   Some of the interesting findings include the changing CEO priorities.   IBM says cloud adoption is increased from 13% to 26% this year.
  5. aravindajad
    Ibm c-study: Technology factors and People skills are at the top. Glad to see that. #cloudconnect 
  6. Like lot of cloud conferences earlier, this conference has lot of focus on Infrastructure Cloud.   Most of the sponsors and speakers are focused on the Infrastructure aspects of the Cloud.

    Some of the key observations I made were:

     * There is quite a bit of talk on private clouds from the attending vendors.    There are quite a few sessions covering this.   There are sessions from VMware, L&T infotech, Citrix, Cisco, Brocade and so on.  This is not surprising, given Infrastructure is the focus for vendors.   There are however, few refreshing sessions that took a different take.   Director from Citrix talked about cloudstack and how it can be used to build amazon like clouds.
  7. aravindajad
    Architecting aws style clouds - Ram Chinta. 
  8. * There is significant focus on security as well.   In fact, one of the conferences rooms almost dedicated to security.   And there seems to be good response to these sessions as well.  Probably shows cloud security still is a major concern.  There is also some pragmatism on how the trade-offs can be made.
  9. runadesaidalal
    Common thread in al presn.@ #cloudconnect on#cloudsecurity -impln.depends largely on goals & risk appetite thereof!
  10. runadesaidalal
    1 mre good talk by Akhil Behl of @CiscoSecurity busting myths of #cloudsecurity!Cloud consumer just as responsible as a CSP!#cloudconnect
  11. * Another interesting point is the focus on Applications.   This is probably a departure from many cloud conferences.     There are several talks on this topic.    
  12. Krishnan, editor at CloudAvenue and a popular name in Cloud circles spoke on the future of PaaS platforms.   He says PaaS is the future of Cloud computing.  He backs his arguments by what is happening and the trends he is seeing.   He also thinks future of PaaS is really different from what it is now.   Future PaaS platforms will be platforms beyond the current capabilities, with lot of Intelligence.   They will have several services and capabilities built-into them such as Data Markets, Mobile Support and Social Connectivity.   Data plays a big role in the future PaaS.  These services makes building intelligent applications on Cloud very easy.
  13. aravindajad
    .@krishnan on stage - Intelligent platforms, future of pass. #cloudconnect 
  14. aravindajad
    Big data is at the core of next Gen of PaaS@krishnan #cloudconnect 
  15. He gave some examples of which platforms that shows this potential of what future PaaS can be.
  16. aravindajad
    Candidates for future of pass:, brroklyn, pervasive #cloudconnect @krishnan 
  17. There is also a session on Cloud platform comparison from Jankiraman.   He says Amazon Bean Stalk compared to CloudFoundry, GAE a good compromise between control and flexibility.
  18. vivekjuneja
    Good introduction to PaaS platforms and their current state. Like the PaaS comparison by @janakiramm at#cloudconnect
  19. Jason Bloomberg of Zapthink talked about how to used RESTful hypermedia state to make applications Elastic.    He says adopting applications to the cloud is not lift and shift, but a change in the architectural thinking.   He says RESTful architecture can help build elastic applications that leverage the potential of Cloud.   By keeping the state on in the hypermedia, the applications can be more elastic.   Jason also shared free poster on Zapthink's vision of future of IT.  It is very interesting and full of Cloud, Mobile, Social, Democratization of technology.   In a way pointing to demise of Enterprise IT :-).
  20. aravindajad
    RESTful Hypermedia state to make applications elastic.@TheEBizWizard #cloudconnect 
  21. aravindajad
    Free poster 'Vision for Enterprise IT 2020'@TheEbizwizard #cloudconnect 
  22. There are also couple of sessions focused on Data.   One session from Nokia architect on Big Data adoption.   There is a session form CTS architect on NoSQL database constructs. 
  23. * Popularity of AWS is evident through sessions.   Being a proto cloud provider, there are references to AWS in almost every session.  There are quite a few talks on how to deliver highly scalable applications on AWS.  One such interesting session by Harish, explained how to achieve a peak tps 80000 requests using elasticity of AWS.   
  24. aravindajad
    Good session on infrastructure elasticity using AWS.#cloudconnect 
  25. Sessions from me and my Wipro colleagues (not officially sponsored :-) ):

    Munish Gupta spoke on Designing Performance of Cloud Applications, while I spoke on Delivering Enterprise Scale Apps on Cloud.
  26. cloudconnect_in
    RT @write2munish: Speaking at the CloudConnect Conference in Bangalore on May 24 #cloudconnect @cloudconnect_in
  27. cloudconnect_in
    RT @aravindajad: All set for my speaking session at#cloudconnect conference tomorrow. #in
  28. Srinivas Adhyapak another Wipro colleague spoke about the Impact of cloud on Telcos and how they are in a good position to become public computing providers.
  29. Sessions from my collegue Munish and me are in cloud (Slideshare)  for your reference.  Thanks to all of those who attended our sessions.   
  30. Thanks to UBM for bringing this event to India.   UBM team has put a fantastic show and my appreciations to Srikanth and team.
  31. cloudconnect_in
    Cloud Connect Bengaluru draws to a close! Thank you all for making it a success! We will keep in touch

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