Managing Enterprise Group Mail Content
How many times, we have seen that one of the easiest way of cleaning up your mail box is to delete all the enterprise announcements and group e-mails? Are we getting bombarded with too many policy change mails, group emails and announcements? After a few days of the email bombardment, are our brain gets conditioned to just ignore them ?

All this leads to a point where we start becoming clueless about
  • Happenings in the Enterprise
  • Policy/Process Changes that might be affecting us
which means we might be working harder and not smarter.
Imagine, the enterprise announces some template for making presentations. The same is announced with enterprise wide email. We ignore the email contents and continuing using the older templates. One fine day, the boss looks at the presentation and says why are you using the older template and there is no body else to blame except self.
Imagine, you did saw the email and know about the new template. But you deleted the email. When a fort night later, there was a requirement to make a presentation, you are searching high and dry for the link from where you can download the template. There is no direct link available on your intranet that points to the template. There is no way to retrieve the email also.
Why do enterprise not make available all those emails available on the intranet? Is there an easier way to manage this flood of important information? How can the individual employee choose to subscribe/unsubscribe to such emails? Is there a way the employee can refer to these emails later on - where the content is available tagged and ready to be searched?

The answer to these question is simple tool - Blogs.

Enterprise can start publishing all the announcements as blog entries. This simple tool alleviates all the pains and provide a fantastic way of organizing all  the content that is properly tagged and available to be searched, subscribed and even allow debates on some of those emails. How many times we wanted to comment on some policy change but could not do so because it is a group email and there is no way to provide feedback.

Having a blog does not mean, the enterprise stops sending out emails but the blog can become the one stop content repository for all such announcements. Today, publishing an entry is as easy as sending an email.

Modern Web Social Collaboration tools provide blog as a feature out of box. Enterprises can make use of the Blog as a means of storing enterprise group email content.

Most of the internet based business already make use of the blogs to connect and disseminate information about their products and services. It is just a matter of picking up the same best practice within the enterprise.
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Tanveer Farouqui said...

Nice one, Munish. Also, RSS or some sort of a feed integrated within an enterprise email client would be good instead of emails.

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