Cloud computing fueling new generation of companies
Cloud computing has become a kind of buzz word. The availability of cheap computing power allows organizations to start with out a heavy capital cost in the infrastructure. But the fundamental change it has bought is terms of the business models of the new organization starting up.
  • Massive Computing - Gaming companies require massive computing and generate lot of data.Cheap computing power means, companies starting can scale overnight when the demand starts going up. Firms like Zynga ( remember Farmville) are products of this cheap computing power. Companies moving to Facebook encountered massive traffic overnight. It was the availability of cheap computing power from vendors like AWS that allowed them to scale overnight. And today, the valuations these facebook app companies are commanding is mind boggling.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management - Another area spawned by cloud providers is service providers for the cloud infrastructure. Companies like RightScale, Elastra, Scalr and othere are there to help manage your infrastructure in the cloud. Numerous companies in the area of server monitoring have come up to manage the increasing demand of cloud resources
  • Business Intelligence/Data Mining Services - Another business area that has flourished are the companies providing data mining facilities. Some of the allied services on twitter are possible because of cheap computing. Ability to index and maintain huge data allows companies to start providing Business Intelligence and Data mining functionality to their customers.
  • Data Storage/Back up Apps - Another area is the number of data storage application that have come up in the recent past. Apps like DropBox, JungleDisk are offering free storage courtesy of cheap storage available.
Do you think, any other business that have been fueled by advent of cheap computing/storage? Do leave your comment!
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