The whole premise behind the Enterprise Portals was to consolidate and bring together the various silo’ webs sites in an organization. The Enterprise Portal provides tools to the same effect like User Management, Credential Vault, Personalization and Collaboration to name a few. But in recent times, the Enterprise Portal is being used outside of organization (Intranets) to create corporate/transactional sites for your end customers. The rigors of Internet sites demanded are very different from Intranet sites and at times, Enterprise Portal are not able to meet their demands. We will some of the functionality expected from Web2.0 internet sites that need to be factored when making that all important decision of using an Enterprise Portal Software.

On Tuesday 22nd January 2011 Packt Publishing released four brand new IBM books on a range of different subject matters:
·                     IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino Administration
·                     Getting Started with IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager
·                     IBM WebSphere Application Server v7.0 Security
·                     IBM Rational Team Concert 2 Essentials

Cloud computing has become a kind of buzz word. The availability of cheap computing power allows organizations to start with out a heavy capital cost in the infrastructure. But the fundamental change it has bought is terms of the business models of the new organization starting up.
  • Massive Computing - Gaming companies require massive computing and generate lot of data.Cheap computing power means, companies starting can scale overnight when the demand starts going up. Firms like Zynga ( remember Farmville) are products of this cheap computing power. Companies moving to Facebook encountered massive traffic overnight. It was the availability of cheap computing power from vendors like AWS that allowed them to scale overnight. And today, the valuations these facebook app companies are commanding is mind boggling.

Social Media presence has become the de-facto standard for all the companies. Companies trying to create FB applications have multiple choices available to create and integrate applications in FB. Facebook provides a rich set of API's to allow developer's to integrate FB functionality.

Recently, I came across from embarcadro RadPHP XE that allows you to create PHP based application including Facebook apps in a easy and intuitive style. One need not break head on the FB developer site to understand the API's, as the RadPHP XE provides facebook libraries that wrap the whole functionality.

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