SOA has become an important middleware component for any Enterprise application. All enterprise applications need to connect variety of systems and SOA has become the ubiquitous middle ware glue.

It is in this context, I am reviewing the book “Application Development for IBM WebSphere Process Server 7 and Enterprise Service Bus 7”. I was requested to review the book by the publishers-Packt Publishing but the review is all mine.

My first impression when I looked at the contents table was, the book seemed to be covering the topics all the relevant topic’s. The use of a fictitious web application JungleSea is a nice way to explaining all the concepts. The book is meant to be read from Developer to Architect. The initial sections are all about SOA, ESB and WS concepts and the coverage is more from a revision perspective. So, for a complete newbie to the subject, it will not be very helpful.

The installation of WID and writing your first HelloProcess is covered in details. It would have been useful, to point additional comprehensive resources from IBM red book sites.
The word of wisdom section at the end of each chapter is very useful. It is very handy at times, when you are struggling to debug the problem.

The book covers the orchestration and mediation of Business Processes and Service Objects very well. But it does not dwell into some of the fundamental design philosophies when creating Service Objects or Business Processes.

Overall, the book is for all who are using or planning to use IBM WPS 7 and ESB products. If you are looking for knowledge on the SOA/ESB concepts, the book is not very helpful.