Today is the last day in Wipro. After 6 and half years I have decided to move on - to explore new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations;

I will co-founding a SAAS based service offering for which I will announce the details soon. Lots of work and learning ahead.

Looking forward for support from all my well wishers.
In my day to day role, I am architecting enterprise business applications using multiple COTS product(s) and creating solutions around them.

Following are the architecture principles; I tend to stick to when architecting solutions

  1. KISS (Keep it Simple and Stupid) – First cardinal rule I always follow is to keep the architecture simple. I make sure that I do not use jargons or abbreviations that require googling every 2nd word. I create multiple views of the architecture for different stakeholders (IT, Business, Implementation Team, Infra Team and so on) to convey the design and architecture