List of the most Recently Added Content to the Websphere Portal support site.

Administrative pages are missing in virtual portals
The administrative pages that should contain the administrative portlets do not exist in a virtual portal created in an admnistration installation (as opposed to a full installation)

After clustering Portal, all ConfigEngine scripts end with a "NullPointerException"
After clustering IBM® WebSphere® Portal v6.1, all ConfigEngine scripts end with a "NullPointerException" regardless of whether or not you receive a BUILD SUCCESSFUL.

Single Sign-On fails with SiteMinder due to incorrect agent group settings
After configuring eTrust SiteMinder for WebSphere Portal, you still get prompted for the portal server login after authenticating via the SiteMinder login feature.

Incorrect providerURL causes ConfigEngine wp-add-property to fail in cluster
When adding an LDAP attribute by running "ConfigEngine.bat wp-add-property", the task fails with the following errors: [wplc-add-property] [12/20/08 08:32:43.951 EST] Looking up EJB: corbaloc:iiop:localhost:10031... [wplc-add-property] [12/20/08 08:32:44.105 EST] security.LoadSCI [wplc-add-property] [12/20/08 08:32:44.116 EST] security.GettingConfig [wplc-add-property] [12/20/08 08:32:44.128 EST] security.AuthTarget [wplc-add-property] [12/20/08 08:32:44.185 EST] security.ClientCSI
Installation and Configuration Troubleshooting
This document describes solutions to some problems encountered in the areas Installation, Configuration, and Migration.

XmlAccess export fails with EJPSG0015E due to portlet instance in customization domain
When performing a full XmlAccess export using export.xml, you receive one of the the following error messages: EJPXA0033E: An error occurred while retrieving the configuration of the resou

Member Manager cumulative fix for WebSphere Portal version 6.0
Includes all previous WebSphere® Member Manager fixes for IBM® WebSphere Portal version 6.0 released interim fixes plus new fixes. This document references the current version.

How to avoid removing all mappings from a role via Xmlaccess
How can I remove a user or group mapping from a role on a resource via Xmlaccess without removing ALL mappings for the role? For example, I wish to remove "mygroup2" from the User role on the myPortlet portlet but retain "mygroup1". Currently my Xmlaccess export of this portlet shows:

Expected behavior when one repository is down in a federated environment
When configured for multiple (federated) repositories in a WebSphere Portal environment, should a user in repository A be able to log into the portal server if repository B is down?

CWWIM5015E error when configuring security

When running the ConfigEngine task "wp-modify-ldap-security" to set up a stand-alone LDAP user registry for WebSphere Portal, you receive the following error: Create LDAP repository - result: [ CWWIM5015E Login properties are not valid: [uid] . . . . [wplc-create-federated-ldap-repository] Create LDAP repository failed.[]

Implementing the timeout.resume.session parameter in WebSphere Portal
When should the timeout.resume.session parameter be implemented in IBM® WebSphere® Portal, and what is the expected behavior when setting this value to "true"?

MustGather: Session Management for WebSphere Portal 6.0
This technote covers collecting data for Session Management with IBM® WebSphere® Portal 6.0. Gathering this MustGather information before calling IBM Support will help to understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.

Configuration task disable-security fails with "x'@EncryptedPortalAdminPassword@'" is not valid. SQLSTATE=42604
The IBM® WebSphere® Portal WPSConfig task 'disable-security' fails with SQL0105N The string constant beginning with "x'@EncryptedPortalAdminPassword@'" is not valid. SQLSTATE=42604 Full Error message in the SystemOut.log: [sqlproc] Error during statement execution! [sqlproc] [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL0105N The string constant beginning with "x'@EncryptedPortalAdminPassword@'" is not valid. SQLSTATE=42604 [sqlproc] at

Database DB2 transfer (. / create-local-database-db2) fails
All of the prerequisite checks in the IBM® WebSphere® Portal create-local-database-db2 script pass successfully but when it gets to the actual creation of the database in DB2® it fails with the following: Could not load driver java.sql.SQLException: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Can't find library db2jdbc ( or .so) in sub.boot.library.path or java.library.path sub.boot.library.path=/usr/IBM/wp_6/WebSphere/AppServer/Java/jre/bin java.library.path=/usr/IBM/wp_6/WebSphere/AppServer/Java/jre/bi

DB2 Rights for the Portal Runtime Database User
Many users install IBM® WebSphere® Portal version 6.0 using an administrative user with DBADM rights, but prefer to configure a runtime database user with a subset of the administrative privileges. Since there are several databases used by WebSphere Portal v6, what are the runtime user requirements for each database?

Portal installation fails when hostname contains underscore "_"
During the installation of IBM® WebSphere® Portal, you receive a failure notice, stating "ADMG0005E: The attribute name is not valid."

MustGather: Read first for IBM WebSphere Portal
MustGather documents aid in problem determination and save time resolving Problem Management Records (PMRs).

I recently saw this list of delivery guidelines which any project team should adhere to. Not adhering to these will only lead to burning yourself and potentially projects

  • Always identify you risks (technical are most important which you can take care of)
  • Always start early coding (say after 2 weeks of project start. Sometimes it takes months for your team to configure project in a specific IDE and server)
  • Risks are not only yours. Let your customer and other stack holders know about them. Risks include availability of resources and let responsible people know about it early.
  • No process can help non performers or unskilled resources to write quality code. Competency development is the responsibility if others and running project can not training people from scratch so evaluate your resources properly and let people know that your are not going to do miracle with unskilled resources.
  • Re estimate and don’t try to manage the things if estimate says more effort is required. No process or manager can make it possible to achieve 100 man days task in 80 man days. Let people know more effort is required and schedule will certainly be impacted if you don’t have extra resources.
  • Be practical on colander. If an assignment requires 1 calendar year it can not be completed in 3 moths by just adding 3 times more resources.
  • Without having requirements written and testing done (unit and system testing) no process can help you passing acceptance testing.
  • Always include end users (business users) in requirements discussions and get their signoff also. No one except end users can give you and idea about their real requirements.
  • Don’t expect end users to give you specifications. Give them early demo of wire frame, prototype or early code so that gaps can be filled before death.
  • Delivery is the responsibility of delivery team not quality department so don’t expect much from processes. Quality and processes are support functions. Know your job better, plan it and do it. If your customer is happy everyone will be happy.