Suitors for BEA
Last Week, Oracle made an offer to buy BEA. The problem of Oracle is, end of day all they want is to sell Oracle DB. Now, Oracle DB sales are growing as fast. So, what better way to grow then acquire BEA and add another product line. In the end, it makes the life of the Sales guy difficult.

BEA refused the offer saying it was too low. Now, BEA up in the market was in news for quite some time. After rejecting the Oracle offer, BEA has indicated that it is willing to be acquired provided the price is right.

I believe, more then Oracle, BEA seems a better fit for SAP. The BEA product suites fills in the right gaps in the SAP portfolio and makes SAP a formidable player.

Another vendor that has a good fitment is HP. HP buying BEA makes sense. After the buy off of Mercury, HP has a good product suite in the testing space. Buying BEA also gives an entry into the infrastructure software space and pitching there hardware solutions along with software will be a win-win combination.

IBM will be least interested in this space.

Another rumour going around is that Microsoft might be interested in buying BEA. Not sure how the java world is going to react to that. It will be fun to watch if MS goes on to buy BEA.
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