Portal Application Development using WebSphere Portlet Factory
WebSphere Portlet Factory is a powerful and flexible tool for rapidly building portlets on top of a service-oriented architecture. Developers are able to quickly and easily leverage their company's core assets, automatically assembling them into custom, high-value portlets.

The book cover the specific techniques and best practices approach for developing portlets using WebSphere Portlet Factory. The book uses a fictitious company scenario to show how to build a Customer Self Service and Customer Representative application.

The book covers the following topics:
- Installing and configuring the Portlet Factory development Environment,
- How to create and consume data services from SQL, Domino and a Web Service,
- Step by step guidance for creating the portlets and enabling inter-portlet communication,
- Advanced UI design techniques, including the use of AJAX for type ahead functionality and working with the DoJo Builders,
- Enabling the use of Profiling
- Deployment Production Considerations, and
- Troubleshooting and Debugging techniques

The book can be downloaded from here.
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