How to conduct Effective Stand Up Meeting's
Martin Fowler has written a very good article on the guidelines to be followed when conducting the Stand Up meetings. Check out the same here.

I will add to that, the team should decide early on the rules that need to be followed for these meetings. In ours, we usually had the following

  • If you are coming late to the meeting, make sure to inform.
  • Before the start of the meeting, make sure you have updated the white board
  • No beating of the dead horse ( meaning - no debates if the team can not make/take decisions in the meeting)
  • Switch Off/Turn On Vibration Mode on your cell phones during the meeting
  • No cross talks during the meetings
  • Violation of any above guidelines leads to a fine ( we had $1 for every offense)

The fine money collected for the week was used for having lunch/snacks during the week depending on the amount collected.

Team can decide early on which guidelines make sense and accordingly add/delete to the list. Once agreed, these need to be published and put on display where the meeting is conducted
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