Common PIM Portlets in WebSphere Portal

In addition to the Lotus Domino-based portlets, IBM WebSphere Portal provides Common PIM Portlets. Common PIM Portlets (CPP) can have four different back-end mail servers: Lotus® Domino®, Microsoft® Exchange, IMAP, or POP3. This means that the Portal Administrator can configure a portlet in WebSphere Portal to access your mail account if it is based on one of these back-ends.

Currently, there are two Common PIM Portlets available with WebSphere Portal:

* Common Mail Portlet
* Common Calendar Portlet

The Portal Administrator can configure the Common PIM Portlets by clicking the Configure page icon.

Once the Portal Administrator has configured the PIM Portlets, users can access the Common PIM Portlet user interface by selecting the 'My Work' tab at the top of the Portal screen. If the 'My Work' tab is not visible, click the little white right-arrow on the left side of the tabs to scroll/shift your tabs over and expose the 'My Work' tab. Once the 'My Work' tab has been selected, the PIM Portlet user interface appears, which defaults to the E-mail page containing the Mail portlet. To access the Calendar page/portlet, click the Calendar tab.

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