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Lotus Notes on a Stick is a feature of IBM Lotus Notes V7.0.2 and later that allows you to download your Lotus Notes client, including data, applications, mail, and more, to a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device (also known as a memory stick) that you can then plug into any Microsoft Windows workstation with a USB port. You use a simple command to install Lotus Notes on the USB device. Once that is done, you can work with Lotus Notes from any location without your laptop.

Lotus Notes on a Stick automatically recreates your Lotus Notes environment on any workstation. No configuration is necessary for set up on the host machine. With one click, you can launch Lotus Notes from the USB device, which automatically adds an icon to your host machine's desktop. When you remove the USB device, Lotus Notes on a Stick uninstalls Lotus Notes, removing the desktop icon, all files, and registry keys. Nothing is left behind.

Roaming users can take advantage of Lotus Notes on a Stick to download their roaming files to a USB device for even greater mobility.

Lotus Notes is not required any on machine into which you plug the USB device. Lotus Notes on a Stick has no effect on any existing installations of Lotus Notes.

This piece left me wondering if, I can, ever take my MS Outlook Client on a stick and use it on any OS, any device anywhere

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