Recently, I was evaluating Application Monitoring vendors. Assuming, the majority of the applications are Portal based. Looking at the vendor landscape, I looked up the following vendors

* IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM)
* Wily Portal Manager
* Identify's AppSight

I scored the vendors based on the feature set provided, integration with best of breed tools in respective categories, spectrum of applications (software and hardware) that can be monitored, reporting facilities, dashboard's and portal monitoring and integration.

I had thought, tools from IBM will score high, but I was surprised when Wily Portal Manager along with Intrascope Powerpacks and Extensions came neck to neck with IBM and Tivoli tools and even managed to beat in some of the categories.

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The IBM® WebSphere® Application Server command framework wraps complicated administrative tasks into simple, user friendly command providers that a user can easily invoke to perform complex system management activities.

This article provides the WebSphere developers who want to leverage administrative functions for creating command providers, which provide the command implementation for end users.

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Coverity has done a study on some of the most popular open source softwares to determine the software quality and security. The surprising result is that no open-source project that was analyzed had fewer software defects (per KLOC) than some of the major closed-source application. All this means, when it comes to testing the open source code, we still have a some way to go.

Results are published here.

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