WebSphere Portal : Redirecting on Session Time out

When working with WebSphere Portal Server, whenever the client's session gets timed out, the client gets redirected to the ErrorSessionTimeout page. The call to this page is hardcoded inside the WPS. Anthony (Joey) Bernal mentions in his blog, a hack to overcome this. He quotes

The ErrorSessionTimeout page actually gets called when security is enabled on the portal. My belief is that the location and filename are hardcoded into the portal, becuase there does not appear to be any way to change this page being called. Doing some research I came across the following snippet of code.

< script language="javascript">
< !--
-- >
< /script >

Placing the code in the ErrorSessionTimeout.jsp will redirect the user to the defined location. The jsp file is loacted at /installedApps/servername/wps.ear/wps.war/screens/html. Ok, it is not perfect, but it works!
Anyway, thinking about it further, there is another options that I completely forgot. Using HTTP Server rewrite rules and redirecting the user to the home page whenever they are directed to the Timout screen.

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