Rational Testing Tools

Continuing my previous post which detailed on what Rational Tools are available to build and construct, here is the list of the Tools from Rational used for Software Testing.

Testing tools enable running quality assurance on software products, testing for code consistency, quality, functionality and performance.

  • IBM Rational Manual Tester: A manual test authoring and execution solution employing principles of automation, organization and reuse to innovate a commonly used testing practice.
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester: An advanced, automated functional and regression testing tool for testers and GUI developers who need fine-grained control and flexibility for their testing of Java, .NET and Web-based applications.
  • IBM Rational Performance Tester: A performance test creation, execution and analysis tool for teams validating the scalability and reliability of their Web-based applications before deployment.
  • IBM Rational PurifyPlus allows developers to create faster, more reliable J2EE and J2SE code. It provides host-based memory profiling, performance profiling, and code coverage analysis.
  • IBM Rational Test RealTime provides host-based memory profiling, performance profiling, and code coverage analysis for the J2SE/J2ME developer, plus adds runtime tracing, and does so for cross-platform development efforts. Rational Test RealTime also has an integration with JUnit to extend the value of the Java industry's popular unit testing tool to the J2ME and embedded marketplace.
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