Using XMLAccess as Release tool on a WPS project

Although there is no automated method to move Portal applications from one environment to another, there are two options:

* Completely replace the old release with a new release. The drawbacks of this option is that any data that was customized by the user is lost. While this option works, it is not the recommended way.

* Use the XMLAccess tool to load incremental or differential release

The XML configuration interface

The XML configuration interface is more commonly referred to as the XMLAccess tool, because xmlaccess is the command that is executed. The tool provides a batch processing interface for Portal configuration updates and allows you to export an entire Portal configuration or parts of a configuration. For example, you can process and export specific pages to an XML file. You can then re-create the exported configuration from a file on another Portal.

While XMLAccess is as simplified bulk transfer utility, there is no magic button that automatically moves all the components of your Portal to the next environment. The XMLAccess tool is best for the initial loading of Portal application and for doing incremental releases. However, it is increasingly being used as a command line Portal administration tool.

I will talk more about XMLAccess next time.

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