Portlet design suggestions

Good portlet design follows from an understanding of the WebSphere Portal execution framework and portlet processing. Well-designed portlets should take advantage of the components and services available to them from the WebSphere Portal environment in order to help ensure good design.

Here are some considerations when designing your portlets.

1. Think of portlets in terms of application components that are built either independently or cooperatively and that collectively deliver portal function.

2. Use application development frameworks (Struts or JSF) as appropriate to reduce development effort and to facilitate good design.

3. When coding to the portlet API directly (either legacy API or JSR 168) use a good MVC design approach.

4. Use portlet services instead of developing similar functions. When a service you need is not available, consider writing it as a portlet service that can be reused in a consistent way by other portlet applications.

5. Use Toolkit services as appropriate to avoid custom code to solve problems that are already addressed. For example, use JSP tag libraries such as JSTL and the WebSphere Portal tag library; use available JSF UI components or render kits.

6. Use software design patterns to address common application problems in a way that has proven effective with good design characteristics

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