Munish K Gupta
Munish is the Chief Contributor at Tech Spot. He has over 15+ years’ experience in Technology Consulting and Architecting. Worked with startups, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies on wide variety of services including ebusiness, ecommerce, social networks, collaboration, web 2.0, cloud, internet scale technologies and strategies.
He covers areas related to Performance Engineering, Cloud, Open Source and Portals.
Check out his other blog on Akka - a concurrent programming framework - Akka Essentials and his github repository here.
He can be reached at write2munish (at) gmail dot 
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  • Akka Essentials - (Oct 2012)
  • The Consumerization of IT and Its Impact on Enterprise Business Applications - (May 2012)
  • Patterns for Building High Performance Applications - (Jan 2012)
  • Writing Custom Services in WAS V5 - WEBSPHERE ADVISOR (Dec 2005)
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