Akka Essentials - book published
My book on Akka titled - Akka Essentials published by Packt was released on 26th Oct 2012. The book is available from PacktPub site as well on amazon.com.

"Akka Essentials" will show you the current challenges with Java Scalability and concurrency model and how Akka’s Actor Model can help you design and build applications that are inherently scalable and fault-tolerant. Whether you are building new applications or want to refactor an existing application, you will learn the right techniques to build and scale up in no time.

This book is aimed at developers, architects who are building large distributed concurrent and scalable applications using Java/Scala. The book assumes knowledge of Java/JEE concepts but no knowledge of Actor model is assumed.

I dedicate this book to my father who passed away on 30th Oct 2012. All earnings from this book will be donated to my father's favorite charity.

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