Last day in Wipro

Today is the last day in Wipro. After 6 and half years I have decided to move on - to explore new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations;

I will co-founding a SAAS based service offering for which I will announce the details soon. Lots of work and learning ahead.

Looking forward for support from all my well wishers.
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Unknown said...

Wow, that is a big step. I'm looking forward to reading your posts on your new company. Good luck!


apoorv said...

All the best Munish.

Vijay - itSpice said...

All the Best Munish !

Harpreet Bakshi said...

Hi Munish,

I saw that big word ' Enterprenuer" on your linkedin profile.
I am very happy to see that.
All the best

Harpreet Bakshi

Anonymous said...

Hi Munish,

I wish you all the best

Sandeep Papudesi

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