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Unable to create user when populating Email field

After configuring WebSphere® Portal security with LDAP, you are unable to create a new user via the "Edit My Profile" portlet when populating the "Email" field. You receive the following error message in the browser: [<tt>] EJPSG0015E: Data Backend Problem CWWIM4520E The ' [LDAP: error code 65 - Entry (cn=test user,o=ibm) failed schema check]; remaining name 'cn=test user,o=ibm'; resolved object com.s

Unable to use multiple object classes when configuring user registry

Unable to configure LDAP security with WebSphere® Portal when attempting to use multiple object classes for the entity type properties in

URL mappings fail due to usage of relative URL in the WASReqURL cookie

After enabling security in WebSphere® Portal, URL mappings no longer work. When attempting to hit a URL mapping via http://<hostname>:10040/wps/myportal/TestMapping,the user is prompted with the login page. However, after submitting the user credentials, the user receives a 404 error in the browser.

Portal Database Transfer from Cloudscape to SQL Server 2000 Fails

IBM® WebSphere® Portal v5.1.x is installed successfully on a Microsoft® Windows® operating system. When attempting to execute the database-transfer script from Cloudscape™ to SQLServer™ 2000, the transfer fails with Java returned: 4 and 'WMMDBUSR.WMMDBACMPV' because this table does not exist in database 'WPSDB ' errors. This technote describes a workaround to provide a successful database transfer.

Key Content Resources for WebSphere Portal

The following key content resources, such as Information Centers, system requirements, wikis, discussion forums, support technotes and product documentation, are available for WebSphere Portal.

Portlet deployment fails from Rational Application Developer to WebSphere Portal

Portlet deployment fails from Rational® Application Developer 7.0.0.x to WebSphere® Portal

CONFIG-WP-PTF-5103 task fails with missing index

Attempts to run the CONFIG-WP-PTF-5103 task for the WebSphere® Portal upgrade fail with the following error: BUILD FAILED file :../config/includes/PK11961.xml:8: Java returned: 4 In the ConfigTrace.log, you see that there is a missing index: [java] DROP INDEX wpsdbusr.IX930A [java] Error during statement execution! [java] java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01418: specified index does not exist

Recommended fixes and updates for WebSphere Portal and Web Content Management

A comprehensive list of recommended, generally available (GA) fixes for current IBM® WebSphere® Portal and Lotus/Workplace Web Content Management™ server releases. Tables are organized by version in the order they were released.

WebSealTrustAssociationInterceptor no longer updated via configuration task

The WebSphere® PortalInformation Center states that the "enable-tam-tai" configuration task creates and configures the TAI: [<tt>][</tt>]. But when executing the task on WebSphere Portal or, the only TAI to be configured is: [<tt>][</tt>] even though [<tt>]WebSealTrustAssociationInterceptor[</tt>] is created as well. Why?

Client sees increase in processing when a WebSphere Portal page is rendered

When your client machine is rendering a CSA (Client-side aggregation) theme, you might notice a large spike in CPU processing on the client machine.

While using a Web 2.0 theme the column widths set in the admin portlet are not honored

Setting the column width for portlets displayed on the page is a common practice to obtain the desired look and feel of the page. This feature works fine with SSA (server-side aggregation) themes but does not work with CSA (client-side aggregation).

Java heap OutOfMemory due to large StateManagerImpl objects in the heap

How to avoid a java heap OutOfMemory error caused by large StateManagerImpl objects in the heap

MustGather: Read first for IBM WebSphere Portal

MustGather documents aid in problem determination and save time resolving Problem Management Records (PMRs). Readme for IBM WebSphere Portal 6.0.1 fix pack 4 ( - stand-alone

IBM® WebSphere® Portal fix pack stand-alone installation instructions for all editions, including WebSphere Portal Express. Readme for IBM WebSphere Portal 6.0.1 fix pack 4 ( - cluster

IBM WebSphere® Portal fix pack cluster installation instructions for all editions, including WebSphere Portal Express - Idle Standby.

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