The world of Mashups
Yahoo and Google have released their versions of mash up editors. Both are in Beta as all Web 2.0 sites are! Google is currently by invitation. I tried both for couple of days and my observations are
  1. Yahoo has a superior User Interface with drag and drop capabilities and ability to wire the components - which is kind of cool. Any one with basic knowledge can get started and start creating mash ups. Google on the other hand provides more basic UI, but the ability to take things in your hand means more power and richer applications. Although this means it is really for the nerdies

  2. Yahoo has a pre-defined set of components/operators which can be used in combination. I believe most of the simple mashups can be easily achieved throught the same. Google on the other hand allows you to write code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) which effectively means you can create any look and feel for your mashup.

  3. Yahoo gives an RSS/JSON feed your mashup which is kind of cool. Google is more of application mindset where you create visual mashup applications

  4. You can check out some of the Yahoo Pipes here PCM News. What I did , googled for PCM related keywords, take their feed, mash them together, give a rating as per my need and generated a new feed.

    There is another nice article on Yahoo Pipes and Google Mashups here.

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