Re-initialising the Portlet State
User goes to a page and changes the state of a portlet A. The user then navigates to a different page and when you return to the initial page with portlet A, the state of that portlet is the same state as when you left the page (the changed state). One expect the portlet to return to its initial state when you return to the page.

Use the state preprocesor to revert to the initial state of the portlet. (The state preprocesor is originally designed for WML but can be used for HTML as well.)

To configure the WML state preprocessor, add the following two custom name/value property pairs to the WPStateManagerService (WebSphere® Application Server Admininstrative Console -> Resource Environment Providers -> WP StateManagerService -> Custom properties):

name = preprocessors
value =


name = wmlpreprocessor.markups
value = html

6 Comments To ' Re-initialising the Portlet State '

Anonymous said...

nice tip. thanks for sharing !

Unknown said...

Hi. This works fine but doesnt on WCM. The portlet returns always the default page. How to fix that?

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, the last message is not completly right. The bug is not on WCM but in URL Mapping. When you add this preprocessors all URL Mappign doesn't work anymore.

Devendra Singh said...

URL Mapping is like URL redirecting or something else.

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