Generating Syndication Feeds for your site
RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a technical format that allows online publishers to share and distribute their content to other websites or individual Internet users.

When a new article is posted or a change made to a webpage, RSS keeps track of the changes and delivers them to the subscriber. RSS feeds are most often attached to text, images, podcasts and video.

To create RSS feeds for your site, you have variety of options. Lets explore them.

First, there are the commercial/open source programs available that allow you to generate the feeds for your site. Popular among these are
  1. RSS Builder
  2. FeedForAll

then there are online services that can be used to generate feeds. Popular among these are
  1. FeedXS
  2. RSS Headliner

then next are the corporates that might want to build there own feed generation service embedded in their application. For such discerning folks, we have the ROME open source library. Check out the same here.
Here is the sample code where the feed is generated via a java program for your content.

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