IBM® Unstructured Information Modeler is designed for use by data analysts on unstructured data sets. An example of such a data set would be problem ticket logs from a computer help desk. The data analysts' task is to find out what the commonly occurring problems are and to write or find solutions that will solve these problems in an automated way. IBM Unstructured Information Modeler helps the data analyst perform this task by automatically classifying the unstructured data set and providing insight into the categories.

The tool further allows the user to modify the automatically-created categorization to incorporate any domain knowledge that the user may have in order to make the categorization more sensible. After the classification has been completed, the user can generate reports and create a classification engine for categorizing new problem tickets. In addition, IBM Unstructured Information Modeler can analyze trends by day, week, or month and can analyze correlations against a user-supplied categorical feature.

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