Light : Java based Open Source Portal framework

Light is an Ajax and Java based Open Source Portal framework which can be seamless plugged in to any Java Web Application or as an independent Portal application. One of its unique features is that it can be turned on when users need to access their personalized portal and turned off when users want to do regular business processes.

Light helps you build Ajax and Java based portal applications quickly or make it possible to integrate portal application within your main web application if you don't want to or can not to transfer your web application to a portlet application.

A portal based on Light can make applications, database information and other data sources available to end-users through a single web site. Light provides a security infrastructure so that the information and functions made available to each user can be customized on basis of the user or a role that the user has.

Within a Light portal, individual portlets can be aggregated to create a page. Currently all portlets have to be in the same application with the portal.

Check out the details here.

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