WPS - Puma SPI Javadocs

WPS 5.1 has introduced Puma SPI (Service Provider Interface) for accessing the information about the WPS users and groups. The PUMA SPI provides interfaces for accessing the profiles of a portal user or group. You can use it to find, create, modify, and delete users and groups, as well as profile information about the currently logged-in user.

You can download the Javadoc of the complete SPI from here.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Info, could you provide any sample code using PUMA SPI, to the below mailid

MKG - I work as a Consultant in Portal and Content Management Practice for a leading Indian IT Services Company. said...

Way to use the Puma SPI


PortletServiceHome psh;
javax.naming.Context ctx = new javax.naming.InitialContext();
psh = (PortletServiceHome)
if (psh != null){
PumaHome service = (PumaHome) psh.getPortletService(PumaHome.class);
PumaProfile pp = service.getProfile(request);
User user = pp.getCurrentUser();
String user_objid = pp.getIdentifier(user);
catch (PumaException pe){
// ... error handling ...
} catch(javax.naming.NameNotFoundException ex) {
// ... error handling ...
} catch(javax.naming.NamingException ex) {
// ... error handling ...

Anonymous said...

Hey ThankYou,
Do you have API for services, com.ibm.portal.portlet.service.*;
If you,please send it to persuade@aol.in

KARY said...

Could you please provide the API for services.
And how to retrieve the User Object after enabling security with Ldap.

KARY said...

I am new to Web Content Management,could you provide with some info , like how to proceed.
I m using Portal Server v5.1.0.1.
And what is the procedure you are following for Web Content Management, are you using API or you going with wizard?
Please provide with some exercises on Content Management.

MKG - said...

Check out the following


Anonymous said...

Could you provide some information regarding Portal services, to be specific like Dynamic UI Manager.
I want to know whether RAD v6.0 supports it(Dynamic UI Manager) or not?

MKG - said...

For Dynamic UI Manager, please check the following


Anonymous said...

I try to create a portlet which can query the LDAP server to get user groups according the userid and domain stored in cookies(for anonymous users). The LDAP server is also used for portal authentication. Can the puma spi support this requirement? For a loged-in portal user, how can I get the domain name if we use Active directory as user repository?

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