Portal Search - WPS V5.1

Portal Search has undergone significant changes in the WPS V5.1

Search Portlets
There is a new Portal Search Box and Search Center portlets that presents a search box on every portal page. When the users enter a search string and click Search, the portal takes them to the new Search Center portlet and applies the search criteria and shows them the search results.

Another, new development is the Portal Search can be assigned to external/internal web sites. Portal Search allows crawling and indexing portal pages. The crawler can fetch and index all pages with portlets to which it has access rights. This way you can enable users to search those pages. You can define which portlets on which pages you want to make searchable. You can do this by granting the required access permissions to the crawler user.

Another feature is limiting the search results based on the user privileges. Each individual search collection is now a separate portal resource. You can give users access permissions on them and thereby make different search sources available to different users or user groups. This applies to all search collections. For example, in the Search Center users see only the tabs for those search collections to which they have access.

Some of the drawbacks, I encoutered is the lack of availability of search features for anonymous users. Also, settings up the search with results in mulitple languages is very tedious. The whole crawlong and cataloging of the pages and documents takes too long.

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