Top 10 ESB Myths

Recent, I came across an article that talked about the 10 top myths when it comes to Enterprise Service Bus(ESB). I am mentioning the heading's here.

1. ESB is just a new name for EAI.
2. ESBs compete with J2EE application servers.
3. I don't need an ESB if I'm using Web services.
4. An ESB is simply an abstract concept or design pattern.
5. ESBs are simply message-oriented middleware with a new marketing spin.
6. ESBs will be obsolete once BPEL and the WS-* standards are complete.
7. Microsoft is building an ESB with its Indigo project.
8. An ESB container can be implemented using an EJB container.
9. ESBs offer yet another proprietary middleware stack.
10. ESBs are useful only for departmental applications.

Read details about each of these here

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